What Exactly is This Magical “Social Selling?”

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“Social Selling” or “Sales 2.0” emerged a few years ago as buzz words in the business world and many assumed it would be a passing trend. Buzz words often have a negative stigma attached as trite or fluff – meaningless, even ‘fly by night.’ Whatever you want to call it, the core fundamentals of social selling has in fact been relevant for as long as the concept of selling has. Essentially, the foundation is building, growing and fostering meaningful and positive relationships for immediate and future growth – otherwise known as relationship selling.

The good news for all of us is – the digital age has provided us with an abundance of tools to enhance relationship selling. Buyers aresavvier, more informed and understand their wants and needs more than any time in history; therefore we as salespeople must change our tune in order to adapt. In the good old days, if you wanted to buy a new car, you would visit a few dealerships, speak with the sales reps and make a decision based on the information they provided. Now it’s as simple as typing a few search terms into Google and heading to the car lot armed with as much knowledge as these reps.

So the million dollar question….is sales dead?

Of course not – buying andselling is an elementary course of action and will remain so until the end of time – it’s simply just time to start doing things differently.

Enter the wonderful world of Social Selling…essentially social selling is about actively utilizing the social channels available and understanding (and embracing) the fact that these are powerful even deadly tools. There has been NO time in history that we have had the ability to peer so deeply into our customers, prospects and competitors world until now. Social selling allows us to build our personal brand and position us as experts in our field – experts that prospects can actively seek out and look to as a reliable and reputable source of information.  Social Selling also allows us to prospect warms leads (without ever picking up the phone) and develop a strong rapport before the initial appointment.  Finally through social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we can create and curate content to really impact our audience and leave a lasting impression.

These are exciting times  and incorporation is necessary to maintain and further your success in sales or as business owners.

I would like to invite you all to join my new group – Social Selling Revolution, where we can discuss all things social selling, including; accelerating your pipeline, building your personal brand and understanding how social channels are crucial for developing and growing your business and sales funnel.

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