My 5 favorite FREE tools for Social Selling

My 5 FREE favorite tools for (1)

Lets face it, social selling can be expensive.  If you start incorporating a CRM (customer relationship management) software such as Hootsuite or Nimble, you jump on board with LinkedIn Sales Navigator or you use a business intelligence and development software like Salesloft; you could potentially be reaching into your pocket for well into the thousands per year.

If your a sales pro with a fortune 500 company, or loaded…then by all means, get them all!  Milk them dry!  They are fantastic tools that will seriously give your program an enormous boost…

…If you are however, looking to keep the costs down, (like most of us are 😉 )  Then low cost, or even FREE is the way to go.

Before I get into the list, every social channel is free – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest (and even some blogging platforms – and – so NO excuses for not being connected!

Ok, the following are my five favorite free tools for social selling superstardom.  Get them, enjoy them and start incorporating a social selling program today!

           1. Rapportive

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    Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin, created by LinkedIn that searches the social web for information about your prospect to qualify them and give you some critical insights into how to get their attention.  Meaning, YOU CAN DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  A social selling pro always does their homework and Rapportive makes it extremely simple to do so.

    2. TimeTrade

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Make it as easy as possible to schedule an appointment with your prospect!  I think we’ve all had the run around with appointment scheduling.  Often you can even lose the appointment altogether because those schedules just wouldn’t match and now the prospect won’t return your calls.

You can use a tool called TimeTrade to schedule appointments with one quick click!  TimeTrade allows users to access your calendar and just like that can plug in the appropriate time that works for them.  Add a TimeTrade link to the bottom of emails or messages as a call to action.  Make life easy!  The free account gives you five appointments per month, and the paid version allows unlimited appointments. TimeTrade integrates with Outlook or Google Calendar.

 3. Google Hangouts


Webinars are the NUMBER 1 way to create conversions.   Webinars have been going strong for quite some time now and done right, will always convert.  You can apply your business to a webinar, whether it’s an information session to build rapport and trust, a product or service you’re looking to sell, or a demonstration to reach prospects in different locations.

There are many expensive software options for webinars such as GoToMeeting, but a fantastic free platform is Google Hangouts, which is free with your Google+ account.

You can host free webinars or meetings on Google Hangouts for up to 10 people, which would be an ideal way to connect with prospects and buyers before a face to face occurs.  Google Hangouts also allows you to share content in real time.

4. Zoho


I mentioned a CRM or customer relationship management software is enormous for your social selling program.  Most CRMs cost a heck of a lot, but a great free option for up to ten team members is Zoho.

Zoho stores and displays all the critical information you need to make wise business decisions. It delivers a 360-degree view of contacts, sales cycles and pipelines to help you drive sales, take care of customers, discover trends, identify opportunities and more.

Track sales and measure your business’s and employees’ performance with a wide range of reporting capabilities.  Zoho integrates with Twitter and Facebook to automatically link contacts to their social media accounts. Doing so lets you connect with contacts and see their updates, as well as access the latest interactions they have had with you on social media, right from your dashboard.

5. Newsle


It’s crucial you stay on top of your prospects, influencers and customers every move and newsle allows you to do so seamlessly. Newsle feeds you news about your network so you won’t miss a thing!  If an article is released about an influencer a prospect or a customer, Newsle will let you know; you can then reach out with a congrats!   Newsle was acquired by LinkedIn and integrates seamlessly with your connections. 

Well that’s that!  Social Selling doesn’t have to cost a fortune, work hard and work smart.




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